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Add Some Light New release (Windows 8):

Turn your monitor or tablet into a decorative RGB mood light. Ridiculously simple but unexpectedly nice and stylish.

Or set the timer and use it as a relaxing night lamp?! Add some light comes with several different modes. Each mode slowly fades between colors, but you can manually change the speed and even set the screen to a specific color of your choice.

Some of the modes included:
- Simple RGB
- Digital/Analog clock
- Binary clock
- Tron clock
- Smokey RGB
- Strobo
- Romantic
- Design
- Bubble fade
- Twirl

Useful as: Romantic /stylish decoration, soft relaxing night light, effect full party light or just as a really neat clock. Add some light comes with a timer that works for up to 8h. It's advised you have the device plugged in for longer use.

Add some light it completely free but in-app purchases allows you to remove the ads.



Add Some Light old release (Windows Phone 7 and iPhone):

Add Some Light is a multifunctional light application that can be used to generate beautiful light ambiences. Add Some Light has 12 completely different modes. Customize the selected mode easily by swiping your finger across the screen horizontally or vertically.

Here are a few (of many) possible usage areas:

- Turn up the brightness and project beautiful colors on a wall/roof. Get an even more interesting effect by using multiple devices simultaneously (perfect for parties).

- Set the built in shutdown timer and use it as a relaxing nightlight.

- Put the device on the table during a romantic dinner and select an appropriate mode.

- Stroboscope for parties, choose speed and color. - Select the clock mode and use it as an atmospheric glowing analog clock.

- Use it as a selective colored pocket light by setting the basic RGB mode to glow in a constant color of your choice. Add Some Light will remember the most recent settings for each mode and which mode that was last used. That way you can easily prepare for upcoming events.

Add Some Light


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