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DECOY is an action-filled top view game where the players gets to take on the role of a professional Decoy. By controlling a ground vehicle, their job will be to enter enemy bases and distract the enemy while an infiltration-team is searching for information. With no means to defend themselves, the player must learn how to control their vehicle in order to avoid the enemy and survive.

The CAMPAIGN is led by "the commander", quite an odd character, who will teach the player how to best do their job and also take them on a journey of crazy missions. The job is very secretive and extremely classified, but as the missions get more intense, it's obvious there's more going on than even the commander was aware of. Soon the situation takes an unexpected turn and the player will find their job as Decoy to be more important than ever imagined.

The game lets the player start out easy, giving them some time to warm up and find their own techniques. As the story progresses and their skills improve, the real action begins. The players will get to experience new environments, faster vehicles and even tougher enemies. Suddenly they will find themselves fighting against time, sliding on slippery roads, avoiding magnetic mines, fast bomb planes, tanks and EMP-dropping choppers. The players are most likely to impress themselves as the missions get harder and the adrenaline pumping adventure continues.

Decoy also has INFINITE ARENAS, with different levels of difficulty. A fun way for the player to challenge themselves and see how long they can survive the increasing attacks of the enemy. The infinite mode also includes GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS where the player will find different lists, such as best highscores of all times, best weekly and the closest rivals.

Infinite arena also has CHALLENGES. By adding friends to their personal friend list, the player will be able to send challenges and they’ll soon find out who's the best Decoy.

Decoy for windows 8 has different sets of controls depending on whether you use mouse or touch. There are also different touch controls to suit different sizes of devices. Decoy for Windows phone also has different sets of Controls depending on what your comfortable with.

Decoy is a spin-off from our earlier Xbox game, Avoider.

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