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Jigsaw puzzle game with a new and challenging twist! 

A super fun and relaxing picture puzzle game, with an intriguing, mind-bending twist; animated puzzles! Try to get the right pieces into place while parts of the image keeps moving. It's new, different and extremely pleasing! 

The motions in the pictures gives a completely new puzzle experience! 
Go ahead and try for yourself! It's free! 

Additional info: 

This puzzle game belongs to the jigsaw genre and is best described as jigsaw puzzle with square shaped puzzle pieces. The shape of the pieces makes it very easy to overview and simple to play. The game consists of several puzzles, each with its own unique image. As you progress, the puzzles will increase in difficulty, having more pieces to put together. To make it easier to overview you can simply pinch to zoom in/out and adjust the size of the piece holder to your liking. This game works great in both portrait and landscape view.

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